distressed hardwood floor baton rouge

While new flooring is the norm, some homeowners are in love with the look of hardwood floors that have been around the block. That is, they want hardwood flooring with the look of antique planks with the scuffs and markings to prove it.

Luckily for them, there is such a thing as distressed hardwood! The rustic charisma of distressed hardwood comes from a process of carefully abrading, scuffing, or otherwise wearing hardwood down so that it bears the appearance of having been faithfully used over decades.

Floor Coverings International South Baton Rouge is here with the most popular distressing techniques for your Baton Rouge hardwood floors.


In this process, gentle scraping along the edges of the planks recreates the natural process of scuffs obtained by standard foot traffic. Here, the sharp edges of the planks are smoothed for more fluid plank transitions. This technique is exciting because no matter how your hardwood is hand-scraped, there will be no other floors quite like it!


This is the best option for homeowners looking to de-gloss or unsmooth their hardwood floors. Wire-brushing utilizes special brushes that scrape at hardwood’s surface, leaving a beautiful worn look characterized by parallel divots along the length of the planks.

distressed hardwood floor baton rouge


Back when logs were sawn into boards at watermills, the machines used in this process would err as they cut, leaving unintended marks along the boards by skipping across them.

The saws left marks that, while undesirable at the time, have now come into vogue! Water mills aren’t the norm for log cutting anymore, but the hit-or-miss distress technique recreates the errant saw marks, pairing well with dark-stained wood for contrast between the dark exterior and lighter interior of the cuts.

Distressed About Hardwood Floors?

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