Luxury vinyl and laminate: you may think they’re one in the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Luckily, the experts at Floor Coverings International South Baton Rouge are here to set the record straight. While the two types of flooring may look similar, laminate and luxury vinyl have their own pros and cons that make them ideal for very different homeowners. Not sure which one is right for your Gonzales home? Here’s the beginner’s guide to laminate vs. luxury vinyl:

Laminate Flooring

laminate floors in baton rouge

Pros: Laminate floors are made of high-density wood products that make them the perfect alternative to hardwood. Homeowners love laminate floors since they replicate the look of any natural flooring (tile, hardwood, etc), without some of the infamous drawbacks of those materials. They are designed to be extremely easy to install, requiring no stapling or gluing by clicking and locking into place.

Cons: Be careful of moisture! Since laminate floors are typically installed using the floating installation method, it is important to keep them out of rooms that experience a water risk; such as bathrooms and basements.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

luxury vinyl in south baton rouge

Pros: Luxury vinyl floors are great at replicating hardwood and best known for being 100% waterproof. This makes them perfect for use in rooms where you may have never imagined hardwood; such as bathrooms and kitchens. This makes them versatile and ideal for Louisiana homes.

Cons: You’ll want to make sure that your floors are relatively even before installing a luxury vinyl. While they can be installed on top of virtually any surface, uneven ground is a no-go.

Whether you’re Team Luxury Vinyl or Team Laminate, Floor Coverings International South Baton Rouge can help you find your perfect floor. We are dedicated to providing personalized recommendations and first-class service to each of our customers. To begin your journey, request a free in-home design consultation today!

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