Affordable Laminate Flooring in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Laminate floors are a favorite solution for homeowners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, because they look great, they are easy to take care of and are budget-friendly for homeowners.

Laminate Flooring - A Great Option

Our cost-effective laminate floors are both beautiful and durable and they don't demand a lot special care.

Laminate Floors are Great for All Budgets

Laminate flooring is an economical choice that adds value to your residence. This minimal care floor covering has the look of wood and is perfect for homeowners looking for something different. We have a large selection of laminate flooring products and replications at Floor Coverings International®, so you can get a floor that matches your interior.

Different Types of Laminate Flooring

What can I Expect from Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors are becoming a more popular solution throughout the area for several reasons. Those include the fact that laminate floors are easy to install and easy to maintain. Easy installation means less disturbance to your life and a faster return to normal for you and your household. Floor Coverings International® for Baton Rouge, Louisiana lead the industry in flooring, so you can be certain to find appealing laminates in the styles and textures you prefer. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® is our best asset to help you see how different choices will look in your home prior to installation.

Your Laminate Flooring Checklist

  • Laminate effectively mirrors the look of several different natural hardwood materials.
  • It’s easy to keep clean and maintain and perfect for any room in your home.
  • Updated flooring technology makes laminate floors beautiful and exceptionally durable.
  • Excellent value.

Laminate Flooring Image Gallery

As an added perk, you can browse through our online gallery and see the laminate flooring options we sell. You can get inspiration for what you’d like in your space or narrow down your thoughts prior to our arrival. There are so many flooring options on the market, and our Design Associates will help you through the process.

Read More About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is quickly becoming a favored flooring option across North America. Whether you are price conscious or want a floor that is easy to care for with no complicated requirements, Floor Coverings International® for Baton Rouge, Louisiana has an impressive selection of laminates that you can see from the convenience of your own home with our Mobile Flooring Showroom®.

Laminate flooring is protected by a strong outer surface, making it an incredibly durable floor covering. It is resistant to many things that typically damage flooring like; scratches, impacts and dents. Laminates are created to endure more impact than most floor coverings, making it an excellent choice for a busy household.

Additional reasons to choose laminate flooring from Floor Coverings International® for Baton Rouge, Louisiana is its ability to repel stains and resist fading. These features make it easy to clean and maintain. We work hand-in-hand with laminate flooring manufacturers to offer extended warranty protection. And since our service professionals install your laminate flooring, we guarantee our work. Laminate flooring usually has a lower cost when compared to other hard surface floors, and when durability and longevity are taken into account, it becomes a particularly excellent budget-friendly option.

There are endless types of laminate floors. Most resemble stone or wood, with a variety of textures and shades to complement the look of the rest of your architecture. Laminate goes well in nearly any room, so if you have any questions about installation, don’t hesitate to speak with our Design Associates.

Brand Name Flooring is One Call Away

We Come to You

We make getting new flooring enjoyable because we bring the showroom right to you. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® allows you to review our selection from the comfort of your couch, to see how our flooring solutions look and feel . This way you can buy with confidence. When you contact Floor Coverings International® for Baton Rouge, Louisiana for laminate flooring, you can expect this process:

  • Design Consultation
  • Choose Flooring
  • Receive Complete Proposal
  • Flexible Buying Options for Every Budget
  • Make Your Decision
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In-Home Mobile Flooring Showroom®

Our Design Associates meet with you in the convenience of your own home and review the details of your flooring project.

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Flooring Installation

We have factory-trained professional flooring experts who install your new flooring.

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Post Installation Follow-up

We return to your property to evaluate the performance of your floor as part of our follow-up process.

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Reach out to a Design Associate from Floor Coverings International® for Baton Rouge, Louisiana today and learn more about laminate flooring. As an additional advantage our team installs your floors once you have decided on a style and approved our proposal. By simplifying the process of getting new floors and making your shopping experience an enjoyable one, we know you’ll be pleased with your choice.